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ISO 9001 Logo ISO 9001(2008): Quality production management system, designed to improve the quality and accuracy of the manufacturing and customer ervice process.
CWB Canadian Welding Bureau Logo CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Certified: The CWB Group is dedicated to the enhancement of public safety and the success of our clients through the provision of welding certification, management system s registration and educational services. http://eng.cwbgroup.org/
Made in Canada Logo NAFTA: Products Made in Canada, and exempt from costly oversees duties.
SPS Commerce EDI Ready: Able to integrate with retail electronic inventory and ordering systems. All products are registered with UPC codes and are able to be scanned into ones retail scanning system.
Lean manufacturing Logo Lean Manufacturer Certified: Reducing waste and improving efficiency saves you money and the environment.
Modern Machinery, Techniques & Qualified Staff CNC cutters, benders, routers, water jet, powder coating, designers, engineers and marketing professionals at your disposal.

ATVenture Components Inc. is located in Northern New Brunswick Canada on the banks of the beautiful Restigouche River nestled in the valley of the Appalachian Mountains. The Restigouche River is a world famous destination for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and fishers. ATV's and UTV's are an important recreational and working tool in our area of the world. The idea to begin manufacturing and designing our Bison line of products came about through necessity. The Boreal forest is jam packed with tree branches and other debris which can cause substantial damage to an ATV/UTV. Having the proper protective gear is a necessity.

ATVenture is a designer and manufacturer of ATV and UTV aftermarket bolt-on accessories
The Company was launched in 2001, and is a division of Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds ltd., the largest commercial manufacturer of playground equipment in Atlantic Canada. Two years after it's launch, ATVenture ATV and UTV accessories are now distributed throughout the world. Many ATV enthusiasts highly regard the design and features of the Bison ATV & UTV accessories. Be sure to review our customer testimonial section. We have a product development team which has custom fabricated products for specific uses.

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